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STABO-Tech is a SME company, operating in several high-tech areas regarding feasibility studies, design, manufacture, testing and support activities in the field of space exploration, satellite data validation, energy derived from renewable sources, environmental monitoring, food industry and automation, implementing cutting-edge technologies and methods.

STABO-Tech has created well-established and fruitful partnerships with numerous scientific and technological institutes, as well as with small and medium-sized enterprises in many countries of the world.


QLM Technology     Tuneable Diode Lidar (TDLidar) gas detection and imaging systems based on infrared single-photon detection of gaseous compounds.   


  AIRYX       Novel Gas Measurement Techniques for Industrial and Scientific Applications
   Automated Odor Emission Sampler   EU H2020 Reserch Grant 756865
  Citizen Science and Multisensor Technology for Automatic Odor Sampling.
Already in  Bulgaria
 High qualiy  products meeting the strict MIL standards.

PYXIS GC BTEX Miniature, carrir free gas-chromtograph, based on innovative MEMS tecnology.

     Mid-Infrared, Ultrasonic and Hybrid Milk Analyzers.


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