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LWIR optical components:  Si, Ge, ZnS, Gasir, IG6 

We offer high quality Si, Ge, ZnS, Gasir, IG6 optics, produced by our parthner, PFO (Biulgaria).
Modern equipment and technological know-how have been adopted for accurate and precise manufacturing of  LWIR components in various forms (spherical, spherical-aspherical and diffractive surfaces) with HEAR and DLC coatings.

  • - Diamond Turning of Spherical, Asperical and Diffractive Lenses on Nanotech 250UPLV2 ultra‐precision 2‐axis CNC singl point diamond turning lathe with various options & accessories.
  • - Polishing on LEICO 3/4/6 spindels machines, model OPH
  • - HEAR coatings in spectral range 3-5 µm and 7-14 µm on Symphony 9 Multilayer Coating System (Tecport Optics, USA) - dia 960mm vacuum chamber, equipped with EV M-10 6 Pockete e -beam source; 4kW Thermal Resistance Sources; End Hall Ion Source with Filament - model EH1000F;
  • - Intlvac DLC Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition System producing thin films of Diamond Like Carbon suitable for a variety of optical substrates.

  • XONOX VT1200 PS Vertical Interferometer with various F/ number transmission spheres
  •  XONOX CT 200 IV Center Thickness Measurement Device. A precise and robust measuring system for measuring CT on ground, polished and coated optics
  •  AMETEK FORM TALYSURF PGI OPTICS semi-automated measurement system with software for plano, spherical surfaces, asphero diffractive lenses
  •  ZYGO Ze Gage™ Plus white light interferometer optical profiler
  • Shimadzu IRAfinity-1 , Fourier Transform Infrared spectrophotometer measures in wavenumber range 7 800 to 350 cm-1
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