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The Linear Energy Transfer (LET) Spectrometers (LETS), developed by STILRAD are designed to measure the spectra (in 256 channels) of the deposited energy from primary and secondary ionizaition particles in different environoment: in the underground, military and civil areas, at the aircraft altitudes, at Low Earth Orbits (LEO), outside of the Earth magnetosphere on the route and on the surface of the planets of Solar system. It sensitivity was proved against neutrons and gamma radiation, which allows monitoring of the natural background radiation also.
The LETS is a miniature spectrometer-dosimeter containing:
  • one semiconductor
  • detector,
  • one charge-sensitive preamplifier,
  • one or more microcontrollers and
  • memory.
LETS devices consists (GPS) receiver. Pulse analysis technique is used for the obtaining of the deposited energy spectra, which further is converted to the deposited dose and flux in the silicon detector. The device is managed by the microcontrollers through specially developed firmware. Plug-in links provide the transmission of measured data to a dedicated memory or server.
A built-in computer is used for the full management of the LETS, preliminary data processing and visualization implementing interactive user-friendly interfaces.
Liulin-6SA1 MDU-3
Parameter                                                   Value                                  
Si Detector Thickness DT [mm]                 0.300
Si Detector area DA [cm -2]                       2
Si Detector mass DM [kg]                           0.0001398
Amplifier Sensitivity AS [V/MeV]              0.24
Number of ADC channels                           256
Threshold level TL [keV]                              40
Typical power consumption                     12 V DC, 17 mA
Dimensions                                                  110x40x20 mm
Weight                                                          0.092 kg
Shielding before the detector                   0.5 mm Al+
                                                                       0.5 mm air +
                                                                       0.1 mm Cuprum+
                                                                       0.2 mm Plastic
Range                                                               min                       max
Temperature [°C]                                           -20°C                    +50°C
Dose rate [Gy/h]                                            1.12-08                   0.188
Flux [cm-2 s-1]                                               0.01                       10000
Deposited energy range [MeV]                    0.081                     20.833
*Maximal thermal flux 300 mW
*Voltage input: 8 -15 V DC
*Maximum 20 mA current



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